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Cabo de la Vela is one of the best kitesurfing spots that Colombia has, with flat waters and pink skies, making Cabo de la Vela a paradisiacal place, night skies full of stars and a sea with strong winds and high temperatures making this destination a place where nature has all the leading role.

Kite pack


$ 2.500.000

Join our extraordinary Kitesurfing experience at Cabo de la Vela. It will be 4 days of adventure and Adrenaline.


We prepare for an excellent kitesurfing package in one of the most beautiful places in Alta Guajira. We want you to not waste your valuable time organizing your trip, in such a way you will save your money with our Pack.

 What does the packet include?

Welcome cocktail

5 days and 4 nights in Cabo de la Vela

Transportation from Riohacha to Cabo de la Vela. 

10 hours of private Kitesurf lessons, includes all equipment.

Complete food

Tours in Cabo de la vela (sugar pylon, rainbow beach, the lighthouse, devil's cave, water hole)

Accommodation in Entramadas Wayúu, to sleep in hammocks facing the sea

Right to a locker to store backpacks and personal items.

Photos and videos of your trip.

Hydration and snacks.

Consult for other lodging options.

Kite adventure
Full day Secret Spot

Join our adventure in the secret spots of Cabo de la Vela, it is a new experience for kite lovers, specially created for those who enjoy discovering new places to sail.

Discovery of a secret spot 50 minutes from Cabo de la Vela.

Round trip transport

Assistance and Supervision

Improvement tips

Hydration and snack


Minimum group 4 people

50 minutos: $ 200.000
2 horas: $ 380.000

Kite trips
Punta Gallinas

Full day Secret Spot
$ 3.000.000

Punta Gallinas is in the extreme north of Colombia and all of South America, it is an impressive natural setting of plateaus, dunes, and rocky cliffs, which emerge from the sea, hugging the beautiful Bahía Hondita and its exotic beaches and mangrove belts, keeping the charm of the place Virgin and solitary in which the essence of the elements are revealed, this is considered one of the best spots in Colombia for kiteboarding.


We prepare for this excellent kitesurfing kite trip in Punta Gallinas for you.

 What does the packet include?

4 days and 3 nights Touring Punta Gallinas.

Round trip transportation in 4x4 from Cabo de la Vela to Punta Gallinas

Complete equipment for an extraordinary kite experience

Complete food

Hydration and Snacks

Downwind from Bahia hondita to La Boquita on day 1

Downwind from Dunas de Taroa to Punta aguja on day 2

Accommodation in Enrramadas Wayúu, to sleep in hammocks facing the sea

Accompaniment and guide of a rider

Tour in Punta Gallinas to the main tourist spots

Minimum group of 4 people for departure.