Your trip to Cabo de la Vela starts in Riohacha. First, make your way to La Guajira's capital by bus or plane.
Once in Riohacha you can book private transportation with us or go on an adventure using pubic transport ! 

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Travelling in a group ? 
Contact us to arrange private transportation

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Cabo de la Vela by public transport:

1 - Make your way to Riohacha

Either by bus or by plane. Staying one night in Riohacha is an option to consider so you can leave early for Uribia.

2 - Riohacha to Uribia 

    1h30 - 15.000 pesos
Once in Riohacha, jump in a taxi and ask the driver to take you to the collectivos going to Uribia.

3 - Uribia to Cabo de la Vela -

     1h30 - 20.000 pesos
In Uribia, stop where the Jeeps leave for Cabo de la Vela.
You will have to wait until the Jeep fills up before you leave.

Take advantage of this time to buy big bottles of water. Water is very scarce in Cabo and for ecological reasons we encourage visitors to limit their consumption of plastic bottles.

We advise you arrive early at this point as you will find the Jeep will fill up faster and you will have a relatively comfortable ride.