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Useful information

Cabo de la Vela is a little fishing village in the middle of the desert.

There is no running water, electricity is supplied by solar panels or generators and although there is network coverage, there is no Wi-Fi... be ready to disconnect and resource!


Here are a few things we thought you would like to know before arriving:

La Guajira region suffers from great draughts making water difficult to access for a considerable amount of its inhabitants. We will ask you to keep this in mind during your stay.

For ecological reasons we strongly encourage visitors to bring along their personal amount of water consomption.
You can buy big bottles of water in Uribia before arriving, and it's more economical too ! 

Relax, there are no mosquitos in Cabo! Being in the desert, days are very hot in Cabo and the sun hits hard.

As you know La Guajira is a remote region which means living conditions are different from other parts of Colombia. We ask you to please take into account this matter and understand you may come accross a little 8 legged friend from time to time and will not find WiFi access on our premisses.

Be ready to disconnect! 

Cabo de la Vela (Jepirra in Wayuunaiki) is a sacred place to the Wayuu people. 
They believe is the place where the souls of all the deceased travel to rest with the ancestors, as the gate to afterlife.

We therefore kindly ask our fellow tourists to visit Cabo de la Vela in a way that respects the grownds and inhabitants of the village.

You will find several shops selling essentials, all in walking distance from the Posada.

Here is an example of what things cost in the  village :

1L of water = $6.000 cop

1 beer = $7.000 cop

1 pqt of cigarettes = $8.000 cop

1 fresh fruit juice = $ 10.000 cop

Due to its remoteness, there are no cash machines in Cabo.Please note we charge a 5% fee for card transactions. All cards accepted but as signal can be tricky here, we advise customers to prefer cash rather than card payments. Also because in other shops or restaurants you'll not be able to pay by card.

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